Planning my next project

Those of you who are familiar with me or my story/work will know that I am a Brit who is now resident of France, and I have been for the past 4 and a half years. During this time my wife and I, and our 2 children, have set up a new life here, found/created … Continue reading Planning my next project

Projects update, June 2019 blog

I've not made any YouTube videos for a while so I thought I'd write a blog update instead to let folks know what I've been up to. I'm getting a few new people starting to follow my work over various platforms, so this is for you, whoever you are, reading this 🙂 You will notice … Continue reading Projects update, June 2019 blog

Lunar Jetman, the story so far (an update!)

Originally I made a 17 minute video about this, but then I quickly realised nobody is likely to watch something that long, and honestly I don't have the time over the next few weeks to make lots of shorter, 2-3 minute videos, so here I am writing about it instead! Lunar Jetman is, in case … Continue reading Lunar Jetman, the story so far (an update!)

About the future of my YouTube channel, Part 1

If I was watching a YouTube channel that had a mission to “make Jazz cool again”, what would that channel look like? For starters it would have videos of the musicians who are making the music which is deemed “cool” today, doing their thing, practicing their Art live on stage in front of an enthusiastic audience. … Continue reading About the future of my YouTube channel, Part 1

The importance of Mental Strength

This blog talks about how I first discovered mental strength and how it has helped me overcome some major obstacles in my life. I intend to write more blogs on this theme to go into further detail about how I found my own mental strength, how I have trained it, and how you can find … Continue reading The importance of Mental Strength