About the future of my YouTube channel, Part 1

If I was watching a YouTube channel that had a mission to “make Jazz cool again”, what would that channel look like? For starters it would have videos of the musicians who are making the music which is deemed “cool” today, doing their thing, practicing their Art live on stage in front of an enthusiastic audience. … Continue reading About the future of my YouTube channel, Part 1


  A few pics taken on a recent visit to Budapest. Originals and their commentary can be found on my Instagram feed.  

Seattle Bubblegum Alley

For my next set of photos I am looking back to September 2017 when I visited Seattle. This shot is of the famous Bubblegum Alley, near the fish market. This amazing backstreet is full with used bubblegum and chewing gum that people have stuck on the wall, this particular section is of course set to … Continue reading Seattle Bubblegum Alley