Planning my next project

Those of you who are familiar with me or my story/work will know that I am a Brit who is now resident of France, and I have been for the past 4 and a half years. During this time my wife and I, and our 2 children, have set up a new life here, found/created jobs, met new friends and had a lifetime of experiences in a relatively short period of time.

Hence, my new YouTube series (may be a new channel, not decided yet), is set around the above premise.

I meet new people all the time who have a similar story to me. Used to live in England (or wherever), got fed up with something about their “old life”, whether that be pace of life, climate, work, all of the above, and decided to give a new life a shot overseas. These people, like myself, are all proof that it is possible to move somewhere totally new, usually where you know nobody, and start a new life from the ground up.

I want these stories to show anyone who might be dreaming about moving to live in a new country, what it’s really like living here and what it takes to keep living here for a number of years.

Moving to a new country is hard, staying there for a number of years is even harder!

My plan is fairly basic – interview a series of people and have them tell their own story, which I will then record on video and share on my YouTube channel. I will also write about it here on my website in a more long-form style. People can then either watch the video of their story, or read about it, or both.

So, watch this space, more to follow on this. Most of the people I want to interview are now busy with their summer trade (gites, chambre d’hotes, restaurants and the like…), so this series may not actually go public until the Autumn.

When I have more news on this, you will be the first to know!

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