Projects update, June 2019 blog

I’ve not made any YouTube videos for a while so I thought I’d write a blog update instead to let folks know what I’ve been up to. I’m getting a few new people starting to follow my work over various platforms, so this is for you, whoever you are, reading this 🙂

You will notice that the majority of the updates I put out on my site recently are cartoons. This is not to say I have given up the ghost on my other creative passions, far from it. I tend to go with the flow of my creativity and at the moment it just so happens that is drawing cartoons. Since I got into this a short while ago, I have adapted my style from Lunar Jetman basic drawings done on my phone, to feature rich, surrealistic pieces of digital Art made on the very IPad Pro I write this blog on. Procreate and the Apple Pencil are mighty tools that allow the budding Artist a great degree of freedom and leeway, more so than he/she would have using paper and pen! The ability to draw layers, remove and add them at will is an amazing piece of functionality that helps me a lot. End results of this whole process are found throughout this website!!

What is most exciting for me right now with my drawing is a project I am working on to turn my digital cartoons from static 2d images, into physical prints. My wife and I have been looking for some new Art for our hallway and up to recently this was going to involve throwing some money at a local Art gallery and buying someone else’s work. After my wife saw (and liked) my own surrealistic pieces, she made the bold suggestion to put those on the wall.

So, this is what I am currently on with. Creating some original pieces which will be printed, framed and hung up on my walls. There is definitely something slightly strange about creating original pieces of cartoon Art with the specific intention of having them grace more than just my Instagram feed!

Moving on to my music. I’m not in regular practice as I once was, and these days I don’t have any band commitments to practice for. Music for me is now a personal journey. I have my 3 trumpets permanently out on stands in my home office, where I spend my days each week. Being able to have a 5 minute jam on my trumpet whenever I feel like it, in the comfort of my own home office, is a luxury I have never been able to realize in over 30 years of working. Putting out more of my own sounds is something I will get round to doing, at some point. I would eventually like to put my own soundtrack to some of my cartoon drawings too. Not sure yet which would come first though, the music, or the cartoons!

Another Project I have going on that you may have watched about on my YouTube channel, is my Triathlon training. I am training (at 47 years old!) for my first Triathlon which is (was!) in a little under 3 weeks time in Bordeaux, France. Unfortunately, a couple of months ago I pulled my achiles tendon and haven’t been able to run at all on it. Thanks to some rest and recovery work the pain and swelling finally seem to be calming down, but it feels a bit much of a risk to compete in a little over 2 weeks time when I am only just recovering and haven’t run properly in weeks. So, decision made, I have withdrawn from the Bordeaux Tri and instead I am targeting one at the end of August in Cognac. Distance is a Half Sprint so should be nice and easy for my first Tri (400m swim, 10 bike, 2.5km run). I won’t be deciding until nearer the time if I am going to enter, I want to wait and see how my Achilles performs over the next month or so!

OK that’s about all I have for today. Thanks again for everyone who views, watches, reads or ‘likes’ my work, whether that is on here, or on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. All the support really is appreciated.

All the best


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