Nobody pays any attention to the stats any more!

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The title of this blog is a bit misleading, but let me explain.

In the world of social media the number of views you get, or subscribers you have is king. If you’re a youtuber and you have 10 million subscribers you are in the 1% list. Those lucky few who get to make a very good living, solely off the back of making videos and posting them on the internet for people to watch via

But lets put this into perspective for a second. if you look at Youtube in greater detail and analyse the stats, those people who are internet royalty only get in the region of 10% of their subscriber list actually watching their videos.

Now this is not to say 1 million views should be looked down upon – most internet native people would sell their own grandmother to get 1m hits on any of their work! But look at this another way, if you’re running a channel that has 10m subs and you get 1m per video, that is still 9 million people who follow your channel who are not watching your videos. 9 million!

Lets take this down a few levels to my world. I have a youtube channel, I make the occasional video and recently recorded and posted a short film , which at the time of writing this has had 24 views. Now you may laugh at this point and say,

“what is this clown talking about, who does he think he is trying to lecture us on a subject he is so clearly unqualified to talk about”.

….and you would be right. I am not.

But that is not my point. Think again about what I say above. The more subscribers you get to your YouTube channel, the less views you get relative to your subscriber base. Go look at any of the big names and see for yourself. But then go an look at the small creators, like me and thousands of others like me.

I got 100% of my subscriber numbers watching my last 2 videos and this makes me very happy.

Sure, I’m not making any money, but that is not why I do it. I made my short film for the sake of making the Art, but if you view what I did against the % of subscribers who viewed it, I am a huge success, in relative terms. It’s all about perspective and which way you choose to look at the world. What set of stats do you pay attention to which make you happy and motivated to continue making your Art?

In other words – do you choose to look glass half full as I do? Or is your glass half empty…..

I guess the take away from this is, small creators on social networks should pay less attention to the number of views they get relative to other creators, and start looking at what percentage of their overall followers/subscribers liked or viewed their work. This is what really counts. A true measure of success relative to their standing at that time.

Everything is relative…

And to take this 1 step further, think about why you practice your Art in the first place? Most Artists will say, if 1 person likes my work I will be happy. So go ahead, you have my permission to be happy!

Don’t worry about not having as many views as the next person who is getting 10’s of thousands. You made a video for your 22 person subscriber base to watch and all of them watched it. Sounds pretty successful to me?

I’m interested in what people think to this, leave me some comments below if you have a perspective to share. 

And if you want to check out more of my work, it’s all here on my website so please click through the pages. Hope you find something here which makes you smile 🙂



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