Are you the Tulip, or the hedge?!

I saw this unassuming red tulip growing in a hedgerow the other day and it struck me how much of a metaphor for life it was. The hedge was dense, packed with green shrubbery and brambles, looked like every other hedge, yet despite that this beautiful flower found a way to sneak through it all, get itself to the front and survive. Much like in life: if you choose (or are forced) to follow the herd, be with the masses and blend into the background like everyone else, then in this metaphor you are the dense hedge, you may well be happy and fulfilled in life, but you’ll find it hard to forge your own path away from the herd. If on the other hand you choose to set out on your own path, to go the route nobody else has taken, to choose to stand out from the crowd and do something different, then as the picture below depicts, you will be as this red tulip is, something beautiful, unique and colourful in the middle of a green dense hedgerow.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Are you the tulip, or the hedge?

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